Wednesday, November 08, 2006


My wife likes to watch Emmerdale on the television and from time to time, when I am not working late, I will sometimes see programmes like Emmerdale on the television.

I watched Emmerdale last night and got rather angry. I am not a good person to sit with when there is some kind of legal drama on the television as I shout out when they have got something wrong.

Last night I chuckled when I saw the Clerk of the Crown Court was wearing a wig like a barrister. Then I chuckled when I saw that the Prosecution barrister was wearing a solicitors robe and not one for Counsel. I then started shouting about the procedures and how the jury had not been sworn. I got angry when the rules of evidence were completely ignored.

My wife does not like watching legal dramas with me. She tells me to, "Be quiet," or from time to time after an outburst I get, "Oh, shut up!"

The Bill is one of the worst culprits for getting it wrong. I cannot recall ever seeing an episode where a defence solicitor was portrayed in a positive light.