Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Solicitor Is Better Than Yours...

I had an unfortunate experience yesterday.

I went to a Police Station to represent an own Client, he arrived with two of his co-defendants, one of which was very "mouthy". When I attempted to speak to my Client in the waiting area of the Police Station the mouthy co-defendant kept interrupting and telling me that his solicitor was the best solicitor and that my Client should use his solicitor.

My conversation with him went something like this:

Mouthy: My solicitor is better than you.
Me: Really, where is he then?
Mouthy: He is busy.
Me: Ah, too busy to deal with you then?
Mouthy: No, he told me to come here by myself - he told me what to tell the Police.
Me: Okay, that's very nice.
Mouthy: My solicitor uses top barristers.
Me: That's nice for you - so he doesn't represent you in the Crown Court himself?
Mouthy: No, I have always had top barristers.
Me: Like who?
Mouthy: Mr X from X chambers.
Me: Oh, he is prosecuting a murder that my firm is dealing with at the moment.
Mouthy: No, he only defends - he is a QC.
Me: No, I assure you he is prosecuting.
Mouthy: No, my solicitor told me that he never prosecutes.
Me: Well, that can't be right - why don't you look at the local news reports that show that your barrister is prosecuting the trial [I reach for my phone to look up the case on the internet].
Mouthy: But my solicitor said...
Me: I am sure that your solicitor has told you many things.
Mouthy [now talking to my Client]: You should sack him and use my solicitor.
My Client: Why? Your solicitor is not even here. He doesn't sound very good anyway.
Me: Let me get this right. You think that my Client should be represented by your solicitor, so that he can act in your best interests, that may not be in my Client's best interests, even though he has not attended with you today?
Mouthy: Er...

I am glad to report that my Client remained my Client and did not listen to the powerful and persuasive arguments put forward by his co-defendant as to why he should not use my firms services.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where Has Court 6 Gone?

My local Magistrates Court has been rebuilt and now has a brand new building.

There are signs in the building to assist visitors and Court Users.

The sign has the obvious omission that there is no Court 6 in the building but there is a Court 5 and a Court 7.

Court 7 is in fact Court 7 from the Crown Court which is on the opposite side of the road in another building.

This sign must really confuse people who have no idea why there is no Court 6.