Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Work, work, work...

As a duty solicitor I receive rotas every now and then telling me when I have been allocated a slot on either a Police Station rota or a Magistrates Court rota to be duty solicitor. When I last dealt with a batch of rotas I couldn't help noticing that over 75% of my police station slots fell on either weekends or evenings. In fact over the recent bank holiday weekend I was on rota for a police station scheme. Last year on the same weekend (but a different rota) I had the same slot and had my bank holiday weekend spoilt.

I have been lucky so far and in the years that I have been doing duty solicitor work I have not yet had a slot on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day - although I have probably now cursed myself and will find myself on duty over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Some might consider my rota slots fortunate as they will inevitably lead to out of hours work and overtime being paid. I personally have grown tired of having most weekends interrupted with duty work. Perhaps it is the time of year and I in fact just need a break? The silly thing is I moan about having to be on duty but whenever I get to the Police Station I actually quite enjoy myself.


Law Student said...

I have much respect for criminal lawyers and this is precisely why. It's worse than being a doctor! (smile) It's great you enjoy it though. I'll stick with family law and live vicariously through your blog.

Gavin said...

I'm glad someone out there respects us!