Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I had an unpleasant experience over the weekend trying to restore a computer that had been hacked. As far as I could tell a hacker from Holland had exploited a hole in my usually tight firewall and destroyed my mail server. I did consider investigating the matter further by exploring security logs, trying to trace IP address and the like - but what's the point?

The Computer Misuse Act 1990 has been somewhat battered by a recent decision made by District Judge Kenneth Grant. Although I may be able to use the Computer Misuse Act 1990 to deal with my case I am fairly sure that the legislation is so outdated that further holes will be punched in it to prevent further convictions. I have been a little surprised by the media coverage that this case has received, afterall it was a first instance decision of a Magistrates Court.


Milton john said...

I'm a hacker and I'm okay.
I work all night and I sleep all day.

I wrote some hacks in APL,
each on a single line.
They're mutually recursive,
and run in n-squared time!

Oh, he's a hacker and he's okay.
He works all night and he sleeps all day.
I'm a hacker and I'm okay.
I work all night and I sleep all day.

I wrote two hacks in MACRO,
with UUOs galore.
One plays Nim on the console lights,
while the other zeros core!


I wrote a hack in Snobol,
with FORTRAN subroutines,
It spits out trashy stories,
for ladies' magazines!


I wrote some hacks in InterLisp,
they barely fit in core.
The swapper thrashed its guts out,
So now it runs no more.


I wrote a hack in microcode,
with a goto on each line,
it runs as fast as Superman,
but not quite every time!


I wrote some hacks in Ada,
and still can't run them yet,
Do you suppose we'll see that day?
On it, I wouldn't bet!


I wrote a hack for UNIX
While it was still in vogue.
It knows the tricks to pacman,
and plays mean games of rogue!


I wrote some hacks, distributed,
across our neat gateway.
Each one of its 10 functions
kills RIG in a different way!


I wrote some hacks in Mlisp,
to edit files of root.
It writes them back no-execute,
And now it won't reboot!


I wrote some hacks to manage jobs
with PLITS and IPC.
Its very first activity,
was firing the faculty!


I wrote some hacks with P and V
to synchronize my life.
Now I can't use the bathroom,
I'm deadlocked with my wife!


I wrote a hack (in theory),
it may not ever halt.
But if it does, just watch out...
[Fatal Error: Infinite Page Fault]


I wrote a hack with hough transforms
for our folks at DoD.
It'll guide their fancy missiles,
to Washington, D.C.

I'm a hacker and I'm okay,
I work all night and I sleep all day.
I'll have a system of my own someday,
that'll run my code in a hacked-up way.

Lennie Briscoe said...

The trial you mention is different to what you have experienced. The so called hacker in your case has actually logged onto your machine without your permission and taken part in actively destoyed your machine. A denial of service (DOS) attack is quite different. If royal mail were to send me 1000 pieces of mail on a single day, I would not be able to perform any other daily activities other then reading my mail all day.
I don't quite think the Computer Misuse Act 1990 has been battered. Its remit needs to be increased.

Gavin said...

I will bow to your superior knowledge on this Lennie.

Online Wong PoKér Hu said...

Being hacked and having computers that crashed are absolutely two of the worst things anyone could do to your computer. I can truly understand your situation.