Saturday, June 17, 2006

Craig Gee Solicitors Advertising

You will notice dotted around this web site are Google Ads. I do not choose the adverts that appear, although I do have the ability to refuse to display adverts. Particular adverts appear and from time to time and I often have a look at the web sites behind the adverts.

Recently I noticed an advert and then had a look at the web site. Craig Gee Solicitors web site is pretty basic, and in fact the link to the criminal section leads to a page that is devoid of content. If you go to Google and do a search for 'criminal solicitor' you will see on the right hand side an advert worded like this: 'Criminal solicitor - Need help on criminal law issues in Manchester? Try this firm.' This advert is being paid for by Craig Gee Solicitors yet it ultimately directs users looking for a criminal solicitor to a blank page - that is just crazy.

Craig Gee Solicitors could I suggest that you either finish your web site, stop paying for advertising until the web site is completed, or perhaps find a new web designer so that you can actually get a return on the money you are spending on advertising! I cannot understand why money is being wasted on advertising that leads to nowhere.


Anonymous said...

It's all sections on the website! Criminal, Family, Personal Injury and Probate! Weird :-/

Anonymous said...

The appearance of the web site, and the programme that has been used to generate it would suggest that it has been produced by a son or sons of the partners. It is typical of amateurish efforts done on behalf of people who believe that their time is worth many hundreds of pounds per hour, but refuse to pay more than, say £250 for a couple of days work by an expert to produce a professional web presence.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Sadly, I know exactly what the story is with that website.
Unfortunately, solicitors in sole practice are seemingly allergic to the idea of properly resourcing their IT.
The site was built by a third party on a voluntary basis and was never finished. The content is sitting in on a hard drive in the office... It may well remain there for ever.
Sigh. He is aware of it. One day it might get published. I don't get why he is paying for it either. He also doesn't now do Legal Aid in crime or family so that's got to go too.

Anonymous said...

So sad that some people are so concerned enough to criticise something that is nothing to do with them.

It strikes me that there is more to this than meets the eye. Perhaps an aggrieved opponent or ex-employee seems to me to be at the bottom of this.

As for the website in question, I just visited it and it seems to be adequate enough.