Friday, August 04, 2006

Capital Punishment

I sat in my local Court cafeteria today discussing the recent comments made by a Crown Court judge that he hoped a serious sex offender would die whilst in prison. Our discussion then moved on to the benefits that capital punishment could bring to the world of criminal justice.

Our prisons are very over crowded at this moment in time and it is unlikely that this situation will change in the very near future. Any prisons that are currently in the planning stage to be built are not going to be functional for many years. There are provisions such as identifying dangerous offenders, indeterminate sentences, the three strikes rule, and others, that generally mean that serious offenders are getting locked up for longer these days. Prisons are not cheap to run, and neither is it cheap to keep prisoners in prison.

My conversation was not on a serious level but I considered the benefits of bringing back capital punishment. I am sure that in the Lord Chancellor's current review of the interpreation and implementation of the Human Rights Act that he could persuade middle England and the Government to bring back capital punishment. Just think of the financial benefits of using the death penalty on anyone convicted of murder? There would be no costs for housing them in a prison, no costs in supervising them if they were to ever get parole, and finally there would be no risk of them committing further offences if released.

What about capital punishment in general? Domestic violence could be dealt with by way of public flogging, an eye for an eye and all that. Theft cases could be punished with the severing of hands and limbs. Public order offences could be dealt with by being locked in stocks and allowing the public to have revenge by throwing rotten fruit at them.

Capital punishment would ease the burden of work that the Probation Service/National Offender Management Service undertake.

Now I do not actually believe that capital punishment should be brought back, but if news of this blog post got to the Home Office you may see a new consultation paper issued: "Summary justice and capital punishment - the solution to this nations criminal justice woes".


Anonymous said...

And even better: bringing back the capital punishment would exclude England of the European Community.

Anonymous said...

What about capital punishment in general? Domestic violence could be dealt with by way of public flogging

I think you are confusing capital punishment with corporal punishment.

I was caned at school, and suspended by the Head, but never suffered capital punishment.


Gavin said...


You are right. Well anyway, the topic is Corporal and Capital Punishment.

Anonymous said...

No way! i understand that some criminals have commited very heinous crimes, but how primal can one get before considering killing them.

Imagine that an alleged criminal who has pleaded not guilty is killed, a few years along the track new technologies reveal that this man/woman was indeed not guilty. Who do we think we are to have the right to take someones life?god?

Yes you are punishing the felon, but the family of him/her is being punished too, and inevitably for a longer period of time.

Anonymous said...

No worries!!!!
It will all come to fruition sooner than you'd think.
We'll all suffer when Islam rules the world.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right. When they take over they will impose Sharia Law and all infidels, THAT'S US YOU FOOLS, will be routinely subjected to such barbaric forms of punishments, even for merely being non-Islamic.

Anonymous said...

this country is a waste of time it is a laughing stock whilst the great and the good are crowing about carbon footprints and criminilising smokers the real villains are getting away with murder and not one mp is brave enough to say enough is enough bring back hanging.pigs at the trough every single one of them. chris cornwall

Anonymous said...

Capital Punishment is alive and well and exercised regularly by Police squads such as SO19!

Anonymous said...

"Theft cases could be punished with the severing of hands and limbs."

this is what you said in one of your arguments, but surely if this is what you believe then it wil be more expensive to look after people who have lost limbs and hands, wouldnt it?

Just think, you think it costs more to put people in prisons but if you cut of someones limb or hands then they wont be able to do the most basic human things, like feeding them selfs, getting dressed etc....
also it would cost to have the surgury and woudlnt it be more fair for someone who has just had an accident to have this surgery before the person who has committed a crime?

I think you need to think carefully about what you are arguing about because i think you have got the rong idea! said...

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Unknown said...

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about me said...

i never get to understand why prisons are overcrowded, there should be more of them if there is such high demand for accommodation there. good post otherwise.