Friday, January 05, 2007

Good Planning

Here is a true story of how badly most Clients will plan their offending. Over the Christmas period a few people got together and dreamt up a scheme to make some fast money. You would think that if they actually put some thought in to it that the plan would be reasonable and that they would probably get away with the crime.

The crime that was planned was a robbery of a petrol station. The robbery was to be an inside job as one of the people making the plan was one of the employees of the petrol station. The appointed night came and the group of criminals made their way to the crime scene. The CCTV camera was moved so that it was looking at a wall, and not at the door of till area, by the petrol station employee. The other people involved in the crime came in to the petrol station and with the help of the employee emptied out the cash from the till - this should not have been caught on camera but unfortunately the CCTV camera had been pushed so that it's new viewpoint was looking at a mirrored/reflective surface that gave a very good view of what was going on at the till.

Before the criminals left the premises they decided to make the robbery look real and with the consent of the employee beat him up. Unfortunately some members of the public saw the employee being beaten up and called the Police.

As the 'robbers' were leaving the petrol station dressed in balaclavas the Police arrived in a car with the lights and siren going. The 'robbers' jumped in to their getaway car and started to drive away at speed. Unfortunately the view of the driver was obscured because his windscreen had steamed up and he simply could not see out of the balaclava as it kept slipping down his head. Eventually the 'robbers' crashed their vehicle and were arrested and detained by the Police.


Unknown said...

what a laugh, better than comedy night

Anonymous said...

sounds like an episode of Citizen Smith!!

thinblueline said...

I do wonder if some of your posts might be at the bounds of subjudacy ?

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