Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hello Again

Is anyone still out there?

I have not posted anything here for a long, long time.

Where have I been? Nowhere really, I am still doing criminal defence work in Essex.

Things have changed in my world. I was working for a firm of solicitors which faced the prospect of imploding due to differences between the Partners and the direction they each wanted to take the firm. I am very pleased to report that my entire criminal department got up and joined an existing major crime firm in Essex.

The world of crime has remained very similar - there are still too many people out there chasing a ever decreasing pool of money to make a living. The government is still hell bent on cutting fees for legal aid work.

My work has diversified. I am now spending more time in the Crown Court than anywhere else. I have prosecuted cases in behalf of a local Council. My firm has also become a preferred supplier to prosecute Probation breaches in the Crown Court.

If people are still out there reading this blog then I will carry on posting about the murky world of a criminal solicitor.


legacy said...

There are still people out here!

Ewan said...

Yup, still here, thanks to the magic of Google Reader.

Central User said...

Ditto what Ewan said. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Please start posting again!

white rabbit said...

Yup. I'm here. Blogging is a contracting world, though. I blame farcebook - the work of the devil.

Ed (not Bystander) said...

I'm very pleased to see you start posting again!

Perakath said...

Ditto Ewan and Central User.