Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where Has Court 6 Gone?

My local Magistrates Court has been rebuilt and now has a brand new building.

There are signs in the building to assist visitors and Court Users.

The sign has the obvious omission that there is no Court 6 in the building but there is a Court 5 and a Court 7.

Court 7 is in fact Court 7 from the Crown Court which is on the opposite side of the road in another building.

This sign must really confuse people who have no idea why there is no Court 6.


Manish Kumar said...

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Mike Farrell-Deveau said...

Given the way things are going, perhaps it has been made into a secret court for national security or other politically sensitive cases ;-)

Andi Anderson said...

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Greenwich Notary said...

fantastic photo. Well done

Simon said...

It's on the 13th floor

Notary Public Bedford said...

Nice article , funny

Notary London said...

Maybe it's like the floor on Being John Malcovich?