Thursday, May 04, 2006

Meet Mr. Loophole

Everyone has heard of Mr. Loophole, even if they do not know it consciously they will have heard about Mr. Loophole in the past. Mr. Loophole is a solicitor called Nick Freeman who specialises in road traffic cases using loopholes to secure the best possible result for his clients. Mr. Loophole is the solicitor who represents the rich and famous when they are in trouble with the law over road traffic matters.

Why am I talking about Mr. Loophole? Well, I have a trial coming up that relies on loopholes and complicated law if I am going to be successful in defending my Client.

I had a search around the world wide web looking for information on Mr. Loophole. He has his own web site The Guardian newspaper also conducted an interview with Mr. Loophole in January of this year. Mr. Loophole appears to be widely reported across the world wide web, he appears to be quite successful in representing his clients at present, and he certainly seems to be making a few pounds out of his enterprise.

Perhaps Mr. Loophole has found a niche area for criminal practitioners to consider working in. Most defendants in road traffic cases that do not involve major injury, or drink driving, or just plain dangerous driving, appear at Court unrepresented, and as they are unrepresented they are far more likely to plead guilty. Legal aid is not available for low level road traffic matters, and as such not many people come to me asking to be represented. Mr. Loophole may well have discovered a lucrative sideline that I will consider moving in to if I can win my Client's trial. Privately paying Clients are few and far between in the Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts of this land. If Carter has his way I will soon be paid less money for doing the same volume of legally aided criminal work - privately funded road traffic matters in the same Courts could be exactly what I am looking for.


Nick said...

I saw a documentary about Mr Loophole. He gave interviews etc. From what he said I can't say I was impressed. He just seemed to be doing what I'd expect any solicitor to be doing for his client, only he does it for rich and famous people who don't mind paying him a tonne of cash and then paying for the services of a QC to appear in the mags.

Gavin said...

I agree that he does no more than a normal solicitor can, but he seems to have developed a name for himself by doing fairly normal things for well paying clients.

I would never, ever, ever instruct a QC to appear in the Magistrates Court, it is a pointless task as they would be like a fish out of water in the Magistrates Court.

Bystander said...

Funnily enough I had a senior Silk in front of me doing a bail app. last week!

I couldn't work out why he'd been briefed. We refused the application anyway.

Lennie Briscoe said...

I was reading an article in Motorcycle News (MCN) a few weeks ago that spoke about the innacuracy of existing speed cameras and motorbikes. It turns out that the speed cameras were not even production tested on motorcyles. Sureley this would render any speeding conviction on a motorbike with evidence based on these cameras. There was an MP who brought the case to parliament also.... As the government persecute us more, the rich will find ways round the law.

Anonymous said...

I got stopped by a traffic cop and his little gun on 29 January 06.The summons finally arrived last week - I`m fighting it on two counts: 1. Wrong town was quoted on the ticket - strange that the cop tried to redeem himself by claiming in his statement that he wrote it correctly in his notebook tho. 2.No proof of a valid calibration certificate was offered.

Anonymous said...

How about just accepting you were speeding and taking it on the chin?

I'm a police officer and I watched a case in Court today whereby a speeding motorist defended himself against a speeding ticket (42 in a 30). His argument? The officer had put the wrong road name and there were no repeater signs.

The Bench didn't exactly laugh him out of Court, but they were most unimpressed and gave him £120 fine, £60 costs and 4 penalty points.

The moral? The result of chancing your arm in this way, is that you risk severely increasing the penalty. And I have to, I thought Their Worships did entirely the right thing.

Anonymous said...

There seem to be lots of comments in the media about Nick Freeman recovering his 'substantial costs' 'five figure costs' from the prosecution.

I didn't think that was possible ?

Would anyone care to comment ?

Gavin said...

I had a conversation with a barrister on Friday who told me that he had heard Mr. Freeman will charge fees of up to £10,000 for his services - now this conversation was based on Chinese whispers so I could not possibly comment on whether my discussion actually reflects the truth or not.

In any case where a Defendant is represented and they have paid for their representation out of their own pocket, provided that they are acquitted, they are entitled to recover from 'central funds' reasonable costs incurreed in preparing their defence.

I would be amazed to see a Court authorising costs of five figures for a Magistrates Court trial.

Anonymous said...

your barrister told you wrong, my fee was nearly 22,000....out of central funds i got only 6,000 back.won my case.never met mr freeman till day of my case. drink driving charge.

Anonymous said...

I have a speeding case.(Myself!)Hardly know anything about crime.

I have been advised by a solcitor friend to keep the prosecution fully informed as to my defence otherwise I risk looking as if I ambushed them.

Problem is that if I do a Defence Case Statement, I risk telling them what the holes are (calibration certificate, defective summons). What is a boy to do???!Mind you, I already complained about these matters when I wrote to the constabulary.

These people cannot be bothered to get the procedure right until you challenge them. It's incredibly disrespectful and unfair and I think the magistrates should acquit sometimes to teach these lazy people a lesson.


Anonymous said...

Do not trust solicitors who are FREEMASONS!



motoring solicitors said...

He should be sent to jail.

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