Thursday, May 25, 2006

Most Morose Lawyer On The Web

This blog sometimes gets a mention in the press. Over the past few months this blog has been mentioned in the Times, the Sun, and now The Lawyer has described me as the most morose lawyer on the web for my glum contributions. After reading this article I checked on the definition of morose: "Sullenly melancholy; gloomy."

The life of a criminal solicitor can be a difficult one, life does sometimes appear to be gloomy when you are stuck at a Police Station in the small hours of the morning, but working in crime means that life is never boring.


Anonymous said...

Gloomy? Sometimes, but understandably so given the joys of dealing with an unending stream of the underclass, as well as CPS levels of efficiency!
Sullen or melancholy? Not IMHO.
Certainly not boring, or I would not be re-visiting the site on at least a weekly basis.
Thank you, & please continue!

Gavin said...

I am quite happy being morose.

Thank you for your support Bryn.

Anonymous said...

Even little old me got a mention in the Sun.

We are the old guard of bloggers. Not many keep going as long as we have. Perhaps thats just the nature of the job we do...

Gavin said...

Well done Lennie.

Perhaps you are right, the job makes us morose?

motoring solicitors said...

If you think that the life of a criminal solicitor can be a difficult one try work as a GP (much harder)

Unknown said...

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