Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas List

I went out over the weekend with the wife and did some Christmas shopping. My wife is very organised and I suspect that by next weekend she will have dragged me around all of the local shops and will have finished off our Christmas shopping for 2007. Whilst I was out I was with my two kids and we were looking at the Nintendo DS games. I have seen that another Ace Attorney game has been produced. I have not had the pleasure of playing any of the Ace Attorney games yet but I might just send Santa a letter asking if he would be so kind as to get me Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All as a Christmas present.

A book that has been recommended to me is The Criminal Advocate's Survival Guide. This book has been recommended on the basis that it provides a light hearted look at the work I am involved in and provides helpful tips to improve an advocates skills.

I shall put both of these items on my Christmas list and see if anyone is kind enough to buy them for me.

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