Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Real Hustle

I sat down and watched a programme on BBC Three called The Real Hustle. This program was an information programme explaining how hustles can take place. Some of the hustles shown on tonight's programme were dipping, and selling black money.

I witnessed a far less subtle scam whilst I was sat in a pub recently. My working week had come to an end and as I sat enjoying a swift pint before heading home I noticed that one of my firm's Clients was in the same pub. As a general rule you should not drink in the same pub that your Clients do but you cannot help it sometimes. This particular Client had engaged one of my colleagues in conversation earlier that evening. I then saw that a few Oriental looking people were walking around the pub, one of them was carrying a large bag. This scenario in my line of business genrally means that dodgy DVDs are about to be offered for sale. I heard some slightly raised voices and then I saw that the Client was holding several DVDs and speaking to the group of Oriental males saying, "What? You want me to call the police. You better get out of here".

The scam is simple:

1. Take physical possession of the pirated DVDs being offered for sale.
2. Inspect the pirated DVDs and ensure they are the ones you want.
3. Once in possession of the pirated DVDs express concern that they are too cheap to be legitimate.
4. Express surprise that the pirated DVDs could be legitimately on sale as the film had not even been released on DVD yet.
5. Suggest that the DVD vendor is committing a crime.
6. Threaten to call the police and the Federation Against Copyright Theft if the DVD vendor does not leave.
7. Refuse to hand back the pirated DVDs claiming that they will be retained for evidence when the police arrive.
8. Hope that the DVD vendor leaves.

This is not a clever scam, but a fine example of how the criminal underworld has it's own checks and balances on it's members.


Lennie Briscoe said...

"claiming that they will be retained for evidence"

Surely that's why you are retaining them? ;)

Sharon J said...

I've seen something similar done before and when the vendor refused to leave without causing a ruckus, the police were called (the police station was actually next door to the pub) and the vendor pulled through the courts. He didn't do it again in a hurry (one case where conviction actually worked).

Anonymous said...

when you do this you are not scamming an individual, you are scamming an organisation that are controling needy people, scamming the vendor COULD invite the people behind the dvds to take threatening action, its a good idea in princable(dvd fraud is far too commen) but becareful who u upset.

Michael Stone said...

Ladies and gentlemen. Though, having watched this television programme, you may think you know hustlers, however, you cannot imagine the thrill of a real con. The BBC television programme Hustle is exactly that. A television programme and is far too farfetched to be the real thing. you may think this a scam or a small con in itself but im not leaving my name... rule number 1: Protect number 1.

ET WESM 1 (deeper for longer) said...

Hi there, im in the Royal navy and always asking my self what if? what if this what if that? i was at a car boot with my dad and asked him what if i was in uniform with some of my oppos any we stormed into the car boot saying we were customs and were sezzing all the dvd's! so we did all 9 of u and sezzed 3500 DVD's then sold them to lads back on base !! now that was a scam.... watch out for us near a car boot near u lol

Danny Blue said...

Like Mickey said...
Number 1.
Programmes can never teach you that...
Only real life.
& that means, only the con.

Anonymous said...

Although, technically, rule number one is YOU CAN NEVER CON AN HONEST MAN.

Anonymous said...

True but there is a Real shortage of "Honest Men" in the world. I don't know how many times you can tell a person "if it's too good to be tru, is is.", and then take there money.

Going back to the original post, The scam mentioned is possible. In America, you are likely to start a fight though. I know several folks who sell Burned DVD's and most of them would try and beat you up, the moment you didn't pay. So be warned, trying to con a criminal may have a negative outcome.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think beside me that the real hustle tv series in uk is a complete con itself i mean these people must have been recognised by now, and some of the people who fall for the tricks sometimes it all too convienient!!!