Monday, March 20, 2006

Say No To Carter

You may have heard me ranting and raving before about a man called Lord Cater of Coles and his Procurement of Legal Aid review. This review basically, and I am simplifying this as much as one possibly can, believes that legally aided criminal defence services can be better delivered by awarding contracts to firms that bid the best price, and satisfy a quality criteria. I am sure that I have expressed my views on this issue before so I will not bang on about it again, save to say, I am extremely worried about the future of my profession and that all I can see ahead is doom and gloom.

After wondering what a single individual could possibly do about Lord Carter's proposals I decided to pull my finger out and I have now established the "Say No To Carter" online petition.

Please lend your support to the cause and register your objections to Lord Carter's proposals by signing the petition!


Elle said...

Tried to sign but had difficulties. I will try again later. Suffice to say, Legal Aid is already going to hell in a handbasket to the point where many local High Street firms aren't offering it anymore (at least in civil & family areas). In central Romford there are but 2 firms offering Legal Aid. In Family, we've recently been advised that our Legal Help Scheme claims will be limited to a mere £215 plus VAT, a mere pittance for the amount of work we usually wind up doing under Legal Help. I can see where firms with a crime department would not be able to function without CDS. I agree with your comments - it would mean death to the little guys. Hopefully Lord Carter is not successful.

Gavin said...

What problems did you have?

Elle said...

First time around it said it I didn't have cookies enabled although I did. I have successfully signed it now though. You forgot Legal Executives/Trainee Legal Executives in the roster! :)