Monday, March 20, 2006

Report Waste Initiative

The Criminal Law Solicitors Association has set up a web site for criminal practitioners to report wastage that they come across in the criminal justice system. The Report Waste Initiative is a forum for people to post messages about their experiences of waste. I am all behind this campaign as us solicitors do take quite a knocking from the public who are told by someone that we are responsible for a large amount of waiting and delays in the criminal justice system when in it is usually the fault of another party such as the Crown Prosecution Service, the Police, the Courts for listing cases irresponsibly, or even the privately contracted firms who move Clients from prisons and police stations to Courts.

To an outsider this web site will look like a bunch of solicitors grouping together and having a right moan, and because all of the posts will be about waste onlookers will think that us criminal solicitors have nothing better to do than whinge. I assure you that this is a good cause and hopefully a systematic record of failings of other parties may hopefully shift the pubic perception that us criminal solicitors are the bad guys in the criminal justice system.

I am very much in support of this waste reporting, so much so that I have one of the CLSA banners displayed on the Criminal Solicitor Dot Net web site:

Report Waste Initiative

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