Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Has the UK Criminal Justice Weblog Died?

When I set up a web site a few years ago I spent many days scouring the world wide web looking for some dynamic content to be displayed on the home page of the web site. I stumbled across the news feed that was produced by the UK Criminal Justice Weblog. This news feed was exactly what I had been looking for because it was topical and updated each working day. In this early days the idea of having dynamic content was that I could rely on the news feed changing so that the content of my web site would not look so stale.

I have been an avid reader of the UK Criminal Justice Weblog for a few years. I am aware that the author of the feed did originally start the project with some funding, and that in more recent times he continued with the blog as a matter of personal interest. The last time that I saw the UK Criminal Justice Weblog updated was on 15th March 2006. Has this news feed and the blog now come to an end?

I was rather saddened by the loss of regular updates in the UK Criminal Justice weblog so over the past few weeks I have been publishing my own newsfeed based on the same theme of the UK Criminal Justice Weblog. I scan the UK media looking for news reports on the criminal justice system. Clearly this is not a replacement for the work of Nick Page, but for my purposes it works. You can see the news feed in action being displayed on the Criminal Solicitor Dot Net web site towards the bottom of the page. To see fuller detail with more media stories displayed then follow this link. If you like what you see and would like to add the Criminal Solicitor Dot Net News feed to your RSS reader or website then follow this link.

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Gavin said...

Since posting my message I have seen a message on the UK Criminal Justice Weblog:


Sorry for the long hiatus in this site. Pressure of working on a book has taken me (a) out of the country and (b) out of circulation. I'll try to post some stuff here in the future but long-term I'm trying to arrange for an alternative source of news for you all"