Thursday, June 16, 2005

Waiting For The Call

I am on duty tonight meaning that I am the Duty Solicitor for a busy London Borough between 3pm and 11pm. If anyone is arrested during this time and they request a solicitor, but do not know a particular solicitor to use, I will get a phone call.

It is sometimes disheartening to be 'on duty' as you often wait for a stream of calls, and put off doing other things to ensure that at the drop of a hat you can attend at the Police Station immediately. Admittedly I do not have to sit in a particular location or actually wait at the Police Station during the time I am on call. I just need to somewhere with my mobile phone in case I am needed. If I am on duty over a weekend period it can be really frustrating. I cannot really go out or get involved in long activities in case I get a call. I enjoy going to the Police Station I just do not like waiting around.

So I shall come on duty whilst I am still at work. Hopefully I will get a number of calls and be out at the Police Station before 5pm. I bet what happens is I get a phone call about 10pm, and then have to go out to the Police Station about 3am!

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