Friday, September 23, 2005

I Don't Give A Toss Anymore

Whilst sitting around at Southwark Crown Court today waiting to go in to Court I overhead two police officers talking.

Officer 1: ...She was stabbed in the neck by her boyfriend. It was touch and go for a while in hospital and after a few days the boyfriend turned up. He wanted to get in to her bed for a shag. The hospital would not have it so she asked me if she could leave. I said it was not up to me. She left with the boyfriend who nearly killed her. That's why I don't give a toss anymore, why should I?
Officer 2: Hmmm...
Officer 1: If they are going to get in to bed with the people who have just stabbed them why should they bother to turn up to Court?
Officer 2: Hmmm...
Officer 1: It does my head in.

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Anonymous said...

Was it WPC351 'San" and WPC1148 "Tray" of the Essex Constabulary? ;o)