Monday, September 26, 2005

Marriage Made In...?

Whilst standing around waiting for a case to be called on at Court last week I started talking to a fellow solicitor. After talking for a while our conversation drifted off the topic that we started on and this solicitor told me that he was married to a vicar. I was most intrigued about this marriage as I would have thought that a vicar might have had some issues being married to a person who may from time to time protect people who are not wholly innocent.


Tom McKenna said...

On the contrary, I would imagine a progressivist, female priestess would be most open to the idea of defending those victims of society, the criminal class. It's not really their fault, you know, that they rob, beat, steal, and otherwise violate the Ten Commandments and the laws of the state; it's their (fill in the blank)______ (poverty; abusive childhood; Attention Deficit Disorder; etc.).

Defense solicitor and C of E cleric? A veritable match made in heaven!

Anonymous said...

Tom, your response is really unworthy. And Gavin, if Christ declined to provide His defense for those who are not "wholly innocent", how many of us would be considered worthy of salvation?

Gavin said...

Religion and politics are subjects where people rarely see eye to eye. It is probably unwise for me to comment further on the original post as I do not want to cause offence to any religious beliefs - but I do like your point anonymous that religion and criminal defence work are not incompatible.