Thursday, September 15, 2005

Solicitors On Strike

I went to a meeting yesterday to discuss with other solicitors in my local area whether we should take any strike action should the Legal Services Commission try to impose price competitive tendering upon us.

I have been to a number of these meetings and they were well attended at the beginning. Tonight representatives from just four firms attended! The chap organising the group had sent letters to all of the local firms doing legally aided criminal defence work.

We found ourselves in a difficult position trying to discuss whether or not the local group should consider strike action, after 30 seconds we decided that our meeting was pointless because we could not make a decision on behalf of the local area as only four firms were represented.

We quickly disbanded with the chap who had made considerable efforts over the past few weeks to organise the group telling someone who had rung him on his mobile phone, "I can't be arsed any more, what's the point?"

I left rather disappointed. I had been impressed when I had learnt that this group had formed as it was one of the rare times I had seen solicitors actually doing something positive to stand up for themselves and the rights of their Clients. I guess we will go back to criticising change and fighting amongst ourselves instead of helping each other.


Anonymous said...

It can only get worse before it gets better..

Gavin said...

True, but how much worse will it get is what I want to know. I shall invest in a crystal ball.