Monday, August 15, 2005

Discontinuing Cases

Upon my return to the office I spoke with my colleagues who had been babysitting my cases whilst I was away. A Youth Court robbery case that I had done rather a lot of work on had been discontinued. Two other Magistrates Court cases had also been discontinued. As I sat at my desk fishing through my e-mail inbox I saw that I had received a fax today stating that my rather poor representations had been accepted on a benefit fraud case and that it was to be discontinued.

Finally, I sat perusing a file that a colleague had left me as he had now left the office for a summer break. I then decided to phone the CPS to clear up a few disclosure issues prior to the trial and during the course of the telephone call the Prosecutor told me that he was discontinuing the case due to a lack of victim support.

Now that all of these cases have been discontinued I have very little work in the Magistrates Court to do next week.

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