Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Get Me Off Of Google

A Client came to see me today about a possible Criminal Cases Review Commission referral. The CCRC are a body set up to look in to possible miscarriages of justice. I have known this particular Client for some time now and they have decided after their case was turned down by the Court of Appeal at the first hurdle that they now want to refer their case to the CCRC. I sat discussing the merits of the appeal when the Client suddenly started telling me that they were on Google. I was a bit confused by what the Client was saying until they said that if I typed in their name in to Google it would lead the 'Googler' to a police web site with a warning about the Client. Being the curious chap that I am I decided to look in to this. The Client was right when you entered their name as a search term for Google it referred me to a police web site giving a warning about the Client on the basis of their previous convictions. Thankfully my name has yet to appear on any police web sites.


Anonymous said...

A website giving access to a list of convicted persons.
Is this legal in England ???

Gavin said...

Selected people with convictions have appeared on the Metropolitan Website.

The Courts are getting more and more relaxed about publicity for convicted people. They are all in favour of publicising youths with ABSOs.

Anonymous said...

I'm in favour of naming and shaming. The public needs to be warned about some of these people. Especially as there is no room in the jails or the nuisance is a pre-pubescent oik