Wednesday, August 03, 2005

On Holiday

It is holiday time again. I have two weeks off although I doubt that they will be free of any work related phone calls. It is a shame that solicitors get such little time as holiday. HM Courts Service have issued a vacation notice. The High Courts of Justice are now shut between 1st August 2005 up to and including 30th September 2005 for non urgent business. Perhaps I should change my career path and work towards being a High Court Judge with extended holidays eacvh year!


Anonymous said...

.... and if while at work you felt like catching some Z's after a particularly heavy night, nobody would notice!

mellowdaisy said...

Have a nice time off work, if you get any!! I hope this doesn't mean you'll stop blogging for two weeks, I've only just started reading and already you've left!!

Gavin said...

Do not worry mellowdaisy, I shall be posting, just not so frequently. It is difficult to get wound up by the criminal justice system when you are able to sit back and take some time off.