Saturday, August 20, 2005

Local Legal aid Campaign

I am the representative of my firm on the Hackney Solicitors Group which is very simply a collection of firms in the London Borough of Hackney that have contracts with the Legal Services Commission to do criminal defence work. We have been brought together by a chap called Tim Walker to ensure that we stand up to changes that are proposed that we feel will threaten the scope of legal aid to Clients accused of crimes.

I might have mentioned this before but about 6 weeks ago I attended a meeting with several other local solicitors groups. Today I found that a local newspaper had reported on this meeting. Although it is rather bizarre the press report coming some six weeks after the meeting at least the campaign to save criminal legal aid is starting to reach the minds of normal, non legal people.

Here is a link to the press report. You cannot see me in the picture as I was in fact stood right behind the photographer when he took the picture.

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