Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Crime Reduction Ideas

As you may have noticed there are Google Ads running on this site. The Google Ads that are displayed are not chosen by me but displayed on the basis of the content of the blog as scanned by Google.

The usual adverts seem to focus on the word solicitor and therefore drag up compensation adverts. Usually there are a handful of adverts that are based on criminal defence work. Blog adverts often get displayed. Every so often an unusual advert pops up. The latest unusual advert that I was was for a company called Dyejet.

Dyejet provides the following information: "Protect yourself... When the offender knows they will be identified and marked out, protection starts for you. Woad be dyed You!!! Offender
You will be coloured blue, (dyed in woad) if you miss behave against the community and the dye will mark you out for what you have done! You will be identified and punished. Woadbetied you!! This is how in the past, offenders and criminals were marked out from the innocent people of the community, in order that the laws of the land could be enforced. Dyejet the Offender is the modern answer for innocent people to identify offenders and protect themselves against modern crimes by marking that person out from the crowd, so the police can recognise and question anyone involved?"

This device struck me as being something akin to a rape alarm in that it was carried by people to prevent an attack. I had a look at the web site and noticed that it had suggestions in how to best deploy the dyejetoffender. I found the instructions slightly amusing as the manufacturers seem to think that firstly that you will actually have the opportunity to see an attacker before they strike, and then secondly that the offender will care whether they are sprayed.

I know that many of the street muggers that I deal with could not care less if they were sprayed, provided that they got some property of value that they could sell on. Prevention is always a good solution but for the hardcore criminal a blue DNA based spray is unlikely to stop them.


Anonymous said...

It does sound better then bottled Brixton mineral water (filled up from the local park tap)

Anonymous said...

...but not as good as .45 ACP.

Anonymous said...

I knew those Smurfs were villains !