Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I resigned today. Having worked at my current firm for the past two and a half years I decided that enough was enough. Over the past few weeks I have had a number of quiet meetings and formal interviews that resulted in two very good job offers. I spent the weekend trying to decide which offer to accept and today I made my mind up. In the new year I will start working in Essex.

I took a gamble when I started this current job. The firm was not an established 'player' in the criminal defence market and it had no other duty solicitors working for it when I joined. When I started at the firm I showed enthusiasm for training others to become Police Station accredited so that the trainees and paralegals could attend at Police Station cases. I showed enthusiasm for training others to become duty solicitors to build up the flow of business in the firm. At first the firm reciprocated my enthusiasm and paid for the accreditation courses for a few members of staff, but those staff left before they completed their exams (although I know that within a few weeks of leaving my current firm they passed their exams). The firm then decided that it would only pay for Police Station accreditation in exceptional circumstances. Great policy idea!

As a result of my firm's backward thinking policy and a new Legal Services Commission policy (the one that says only Solicitors who have obtained, or who have registered by 31st October 2005 to obtain, the necessary qualifications in the form of the police station accreditation can attend at Police Stations to dispense advice and assistance) means that as of 1st November 2005 I will be the only employee in the firm who can go and advise Clients at the Police Station. When the new year comes and I leave there will be no one in the firm who can provide advice and assistance at the Police Station.

I handed my resignation in after coming back from Court. I sat at my desk reading an e-mail that due to a general lack of billing in the firm that it was likely to lead to 'streamlining'. It appears that my resignation may assist the streamlining idea.

Looking at the firm now I think that my gamble did not pay off and I am jumping off of a sinking ship. I am going to predict within a year the criminal department will close.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations mate. All the best in your new job!

Anonymous said...

all the best Gavin...I've been reading your blog for the last few weeks and jump back through your archives whenever i have a chance...im up to July now.

Have had a lot of dealing with solicitors over the past few months, my partner was involved in a boat accident last year and the police decided to prosecute him. His solicitor unfortunately did not manage to predict the outcome of him pleading guilty at the pre trial hearing would result in him being sentenced to 4 months in prison. He eventually only served 35 days but since then I have become more interested in Law and find your blog fascinating.

please do not stop writing your blog when you move to your new firm..I'll be lost for something to read during my breaks!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. I've on my 4th company in 8 years. The feeling when you hand the letter in is the weight off your shoulders. Hope all goes well and you get a large salary increase!!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck when you get to your new job in Essex. I'm in Essex as well although different area of law so doubt we'll bump into each other, but I do enjoy reading your blog and shall continue. I await hearing your tales of your new position.

Law Student
former blog - Obiter Dicta