Friday, October 07, 2005

Two Day Trial (Part Two)

My Clients for my two day trial turned up to Court at 11.05 am today. As they had not given any instructions since being at the Police Station three months ago their late arrival caused some problems. I embarrassingly had to ask for further time from the District Judge when I had already been given time to 11.00 am to locate and take instructions from my Client.

After 10 minutes the trial cracked. My Clients changed their instructions, admitted limited responsibility, pleaded guilty to lesser charges, were sentenced there and then, and walked out of Court to start their community based sentences. I am pleased to say that the Prosecutor was being sensible and accepted proposed pleas to issues where he had evidence and withdrew charges where there was no evidence. Previously the prosecution had been unwilling to agree to these kind of suggestions.

It is all rather depressing cracking a trial at the last moment as it means my great efforts in preparing the case go to waste, unless my considered advice to plead guilty after a very thorough examination of the evidence can be considered as good preparatory work.

The only downside in finishing the two day trial early is that I then had to go and deal with afternoon cases that a colleague had difficulty in attending at!

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