Sunday, July 17, 2005

Campaigning Against The Enemy

I am off to a meeting on Monday evening. The meeting is going to be attended by solicitors who are trying to fend of challenges to the criminal legal aid system in terms of introducing price competitive tendering and generally reducing the scope of criminal legal aid so that less and less offences can considered serious enough to need a solicitor.

I am quite looking forward to the meeting. I rant and rave about changes to the system and criticisms that other people make of us criminal legal aid solicitors and meetings like this are an opportunity for me to get involved and actually try to make a difference.

I have been attending at meetings of the London Borough group of criminal firms where I am located in London. The meeting that I am going to on Monday is going to be attended by a number of these local Borough groups. I do hope that the meeting is more productive than a group of solicitors agreeing that proposed changes will be awful without agreeing a course of action to stop the proposed changes from coming in to effect. Perhaps I should start a slow and steady chant of, "Strike, strike, strike," and see if anyone else joins in?

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