Friday, July 29, 2005

Grumpy Judge

This week I read a law report followed up by a newspaper report in the Telegraph about a well known grumpy Judge who is often found at Snaresbrook Crown Court. This situation does sound very amusing but in reality grumpy Judges and District Judges do affect cases. There is a District Judge who I am told is required to sit a number of days a year as a Recorder in one of my local Crown Courts, but the Crown Court does all they can to prevent the Judge sitting as a recorder because they are such a handful and have an attitude very much like the Judge in the Telegraph report. When I appear in front of the District Judge I have a general rule of thumb: 'If you cannot say what you need to say in three seconds then don't bother'. If you cannot spit it out before the District Judge intervenes and questions exactly what is going on and then rubbishes what you have to say then there is little point in saying it.

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Observor said...

And this we call justice I suppose!

I have applied to the CCRC to have a case reviewed because a judge:

1. Declared me gulity BEFORE he heard the evidence.

2. Prevented my barrister from presenting a defence case - even threatened to imprison me tere and then if my barrister persisted in trying to present an case or query the judges actions in the case.

3. The judge stated that my accuser "cannot tell lies" and stopped my barrister questioning further when she started to agree she was lying in her accusations.

4. The judge also refused to look at any defence documents, and prevented my witnesses taking the stand.

5. My barrister attempted a Human rights angle based on the fair trial aspect and was informed clearly "this man has no Human Rights"

6. The judge also took additional documents from the prosecution without myself or my defence barrister seeing a copy of the documents.

There are still other items to consider but I won't go on.

I learned that the CCRC may be able to remedy this situation but after 6 months they have just written to me to tell me that all the above actions are acceptable and conducive to a fair trial.

I must add that this was in regard of a matter arrising from (false) allegations pertaining to a Family Law matter. Thus the judge sat as both judge AND Jury.