Friday, July 22, 2005

Youth Court

I really dislike attending at Youth Courts. One particular Youth Court that I go to fairly regularly is so awful that my heart sinks when I see the Court mentioned in my diary. Even if you attend early there are so many variable factors that can ruin the timeliness of the case due to the poor management of the Court that you have to expect to be at the Court all day even when you have a morning listing.

The real reason I dislike Youth Courts is because the proceedings are held in 'closed courts' meaning that unlike adult Courts you are not allowed to see what is happening unless you are in fact part of the Court hearing. In practical terms that means you cannot speak to the Court Clerk, the Prosecutor, or Usher unless they wander out of Court or the Court takes a break for a short period of time.

I am sitting on the Tube on the way to this particular Youth Court to deal with a Client who surrendered today to a warrant. I was only told that the Client was surrendering about 11.00 am. I will now suffer at the hands of the Court waiting to speak to anyone about the case who can help me progress it as I cannot walk in to a 'closed Court'.

Joy, oh joy.

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